Founder and Gallery Director

As an artist from New York City living in Budapest since 2000, I have seen many changes in this city and the art scenes around the world.  In 2014, I saw the opportunity to create an exhibition space of the type which has been rapidly disappearing from New York and other major cities around the world as commercial interests have pushed artist communities and small artist run galleries to the margins of the city or out of existence all together.  With the help of friends old and new, we were able to open Puccs Contemporary Art in the heart of Budapest.  It was our hope that Puccs would be sustainable, accessible, and would above all present excellent cutting edge art which would be both visually and intellectually stimulating.

Drawing on an ever widening circle of artists and curators, we aim to present the diverse local and international artists in an engaging way that pushes artistic boundaries on a personal artistic level as well as on a global scale.  It is my belief that if the process is fun for the artist, it should translate into something that can be enjoyed by the community.

Art is a multifaceted beast and there are many excellent galleries in Budapest that cater to this diversity.  While dealing with artists is a bit like herding cats, I would hope that the artists and curators involved in Puccs can present work that takes advantage of our unique space and is equally comprehensible from outside the front window where a majority of the viewers will see the art as it is from within.  The location allows to the art to be visible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  I take great comfort in seeing viewers stop in front of the gallery while ambling by at 4 in the morning to discuss or marvel at an exhibition.

Art is the antidote for apathy.


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