PUCCS Philosophy

“Puccs is conceived as, and should always be, a place to show art to the people. Street art.”


Bullet Shih

art for the people

Bullet opened PUCCS in 2014 as a workspace and exhibition venue.  When exhibitions are installed the light is left on most nights and the art is visible for all to see, all the time.  PUCCS, with its lantern-like presence is very much like Bullet Shih was himself, always on, always available, and always searching, both in his paintings as well as his irrepressible spirit to interact with other artists and to get work out there. The innovations of Bullet’s practice – in particular his utilization of the anonymous as an inspiration  – either invented faces, labels and cartons, or rubber stamps – which then give rise to psychological narratives in the imagination of the viewer, are enough of a lasting legacy for any artist.  But his contributions to other artists through personal support and encouragement was immense.  All this added to his beacon-like aura not just as an artist but as someone who profoundly affected an experimental art scene in a place that was deeply worthy and in need of one.  The light cast by PUCCS’ window illuminates not just the street outside, but all of Budapest, as did Bullet Shih.

– Will Corwin

Bullet’s family promises to maintain PUCCS in perpetuity in Bullet’s loving memory.