x04x is a young artist working in Wien.
We call on you, convening all to come, to collect yourselves, let’s
fumble for connections, taste each other out… Let this ship be navigated,
operated to be balanced between tectonic providence, act of
faith and constructive override. Blindly, but driven by new hope – a
new faith even– we’re steering for integrity through the collective
cross-linkage of chaos-induced complexities.Seven sins to be committed,
seven flies are to be killed,
seven seas are to be emptied,
seven tasks to be fulfilled.We are the collective, the technique, the procedure,
they call us one, but we are none.We are the collector owning nothing, when everything’s owed to us,
they call us one, we’re everyone.All of us are different. We have everything in common…

Daniela Rückner