Tyagi Pallava

Tyagi is originally from India and now lives in Budapest. He makes films and video installations and uses haptic elements in his medium. Troubled with the lack of materiality in the digital medium, he combines sensorial elements from the narrative to form installations. Usually he creates the tales of inanimate objects that lie unnoticed in everyday surroundings.
Regarding his process, Pallav states,

“Creating art is an endless journey of relating myself in my environments and
communicating thus. I define art as the transmission of an idea (intellectual, divine,
philosophical, sublime, transcendental, ideological, etc.) to the material (in countless
shapes, forms, structures, mediums, aesthetics, etc.). Creating art for me is a desire to
exist outside the existing boundaries, to be passionate, to be evocative, to be fresh and to
find meaning in what I cultivate. I feel that art is a dialogue between me and the rest of
the society, environment and the world.