Trappin’ 2015.04.06 – 2015.05.06

Talking about his recent works at Puccs, Zercie says,

At this moment I consider myself as a Triple Six Mafia grandma; hence sewing up a scene, while blasting Houston & Memphis Rap mostly from the early-mid 90s. Personally for me, working while listening to this aggressive, blunt, nasty rap balances nicely with the meditative nature of sewing by machine and my hands. The fabrics collected are from all over the world and when they are sewn together like this, I see a new diverse cultural mesh of wild colour and pattern. I use this soft delicate medium to coincide with the silly but berserk compositions containing what could be arms (or snakes or umbilical cords) flailing in and out of these strange holes. I see the blob masses that repeat in all these works as placentas from figures that i have previously painted, drawn or sewn. These ‘afterbirths’ essentially nourish the composition and overall grow new life into these fabrics that have either lost or will loose their fashionable freshness quickly as time moves forward. Even though the figures have disappeared, they have given their leftovers from their bodies and sign that its “OK” or maybe its not. I am not totally sure….

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