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P’andiciel – originally the name of our fictive fashion magazine – is a group of
visual and conceptional artists, created by Őry Katalin and DrKissRitaPanda.
This community of anarcho-fashionistas reconstructs contemporary ideas of synthesis – cultural, aesthetic, environmental, mass media based and spiritual.

P’andiciel creates Variety and catwalk-shows delivering a visual impact that fuses a unique blend of discourse, materials and global symbolism.

Pandiciel draws from historical, popular folk, fine art, pop culture, urban and varied collected and found narratives, using props, actors, audience and costumes to create a contemporary mis en scene. Our unique costumes represent visual impressions from such sources as public transport, tv, childhood memories and fashion magazines.

P’andiciel’s latest creation is an installation, called the “Magical Fashionbox” which gives
the opportunity to PUCCS-visitors to easily transform themselves into various characters such as the legendary Hungarian Hair.

During the opening, Víg utca will serve as a catwalk for the talented P’andiciel-models to present
our latest “Dressing Disorder”-creations.

Őry Katalin&DrKissRitaPanda + FröccsFountain&PogácsaMountain