2017.06.10 16:00 – 2017.06.11 16:00

National Dreams II
Nanxi Liu & Rokko Juhász
24 hours long durational performance installation.

First part of this long durational performance has been done in Changsha/China during American election in 2016, as a reflection to local and international situation when the world is facing the rise of nationalism. To start with National Dreams which is frequently been used in political propaganda, we gonna talk about our own experience on nationalism with so-called national symbols and objects, and rethink the relationship between individual and collective.

Liu Nanxi

Born in Jiangxi, based in Beijing. She has presented her performance art / live art in exhibition, performance art festivals in Hong Kong, Xi’an, Xiamen, Chengdu, Shenzhen and so on. Not only as a young and promising artist, she also has been working as an organizer and coordinator of activities and events of performance art in these two years, including “Inter-via Encounters Between Hong Kong & Taipei’s Performance Artists”, “Performance Arts Laboratory Project 2014” , “Embodied Action, Enacted Bodies: Hong Kong International Performance Art Festival” etc. Recently, she helped organized A performance art exchange project between Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Budapest and also performed there. Now she is working and living in Beijing, as performance artist and freelance writer.

Rokko Juhász
(1963, Slovakia) based in Budapest/Hungary. Director of Transart Communication Performance Art Festival (from 1988 till present). He has 30 years practice as a performance artist, poet, organizer. Participated in most important performance art events over the world from 1988. From 2009 giving performance art workshops and university courses worldwide (Chile, Israel, China, Slovakia, Hong Kong, India). He focuses on performance art in public spaces, long durational performances and performance art projects.