2017.06.06-07 17:00-20:00

“We all know about the high value of Desires. Our Desires, your Desires, anyone’s Desires could surprise, fulfill or cherish us. We have been craving for Desires, we have been missing Desires. But now, a place which we believed to be lost, will reveal itself again.


The Zone of Desire has been hidden for a long time to protect it’s secret place, called…’The Room’…where Desires could come true.


Just follow the signs of Desire on your way

Think what you could need on this special day

Give us a desire

So others can come true

Come in to receive

The pleasures of The Room.


The Box of Desires (to collect desires, wishes and dreams) will be available for you to add your desires during the  ‘Objects of Desire’s launch party.



Lilla Magyari:  Studied psychology, literature and theater-direction in the Netherlands and in Hungary. Has been regularly performing solo or in groups at smaller venues and galleries for a few years. In her performances, she especially deals with the issues of identities from the point of view nationality, profession and gender.

Luca Borsos: Studied performing arts in Madrid, where she has lived for the past few years. She did various theater pieces and street performances in Spain and since returning to Hungary, is studying drama pedagogy and makes performances  .