Born in the UK , raised in Brussels to an Anglo-Belgo Ecuadorian family, Kathleen Meyts Coba attended the University of the Arts London ( at first Chelsea then Camberwell ) with a brief spell at UCL . She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts- Sculpture though her practice was mainly focused around performance art.

Her work exists as live performances as well as video.

‘Through video and live performance I try to visually encapsulate an emotion or feeling.  Using performance as a conduit for memories, I try to create mental images, which can then be used by the viewer as a way of defining fugitive emotions.  Some of the recurring themes in my practice are identity, the body, sexuality, communication.’

During this time ,she worked as a performer at the Institute of Contemporary art in London in the interactive piece ‘This Objective of that Object’ by Tino Sehgal . Jan-March 2005

She was also active in the ‘Burner’ community in London, also as a performer , and volunteered at the Nowhere festival, the European Burning Man regional between 2006-2009. Working to help set up and take down the festival on site..

From 2007 – 2009 Part of the Café Cairo crew she was involved with organising events, liaising with artists, running the parties as well as performing too.