2017.06.05 19:30 – 20:15

Child , Mother , Child, Mother ,…’

Life cycles, women’s cycles in particular . Birth and death and what happens in between . The nurturing of a mother , the nurturing of a child .
A homage to childhood , to parenting but also acknowledging absence .
If there is an absence …. of a mother , of a child , or perhaps even of a nurturing .

Perhaps somewhere at the very basis of our most potent desires.
What is it to desire.
Born in the UK , raised in Brussels to an Anglo-Belgo Ecuadorian family, Kathleen Meyts Coba attended the University of the Arts London ( at first Chelsea then Camberwell ) with a brief spell at UCL . She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts- Sculpture though her practice was mainly focused around performance art after finding that sometimes the ‘making’ of the ‘thing’ was more interesting than the ‘thing’ itself …

Her work exists as live performances as well as video.

‘Through video and live performance I try to visually encapsulate an emotion or feeling.  Using performance as a conduit for memories, I try to create mental images, which can then be used by the viewer as a way of defining fugitive emotions.  Some of the recurring themes in my practice are identity, the body, sexuality, communication.’

During this time ,she worked as a performer at the Institute of Contemporary art in London in the interactive piece ‘This Objective of that Object’ by Tino Sehgal . Jan-March 2005

She was also active in the ‘Burner’ community in London, also as a performer , and volunteered at the Nowhere festival, the European Burning Man regional between 2006-2009. Working to help set up and take down the festival on site..

From 2007 – 2009 Part of the Café Cairo crew she was involved with organising events, liaising with artists, running the parties as well as performing too.

She worked as the international liaison officer for the Merlin / Atrium 2012/13 theatre and also set up their inhouse amateur dramatic troupe ‘BEAT’ as well as producing their first show and performing in it.