2017.06.04 11:00-11:30 & 19:30-20:00

Mime & Storyteller.
Born and educated in New York City, he has taught elementary school in the Bronx, Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada. He has worked in Peace Education with teenagers in some of the world’s most dangerous places; Bosnia I Herzegovina, Serbia, the West Bank and Gaza, East L.A. and the South Bronx
Jay is a second generation storyteller. His father Joe, conceived in Budapest and born in New York enriched his childhood with classical songs, traditional stories and anecdotes.
Jay has a unique style of communication; using mime, mask, movement, music and improvisation to engage his audiences.
He has studied with the great mimes of the 20th Century; Marcel Marceau, Stefan Niedzielkowski, Samuel Avital and taught in theater schools in several countries.

Performing :
-‘Eternal Love’ is a metaphoric allegory reflecting on humanity’s relationship with the earth. It is told in words and movement with audience participation.

– Improvisation with audience participation.

Website : www.jaymiller.info