Hanna Schimek and Martin Frey have been working together since 2012. Frey, a freelancer in urban research, photography, graphic design and a publicist joined forces with Hanna Schimek, a visual artist with a focus in the socio-cultural field to create the project „Vienna Windows – Display in Process” which is an artistic and urban-research photo project on the display windows of small shops and businesses along the streets of Vienna. They saw it as a contribution to the everyday history of the city and as a photographic homage to the small business establishments of Vienna, whose preservation represents an invaluable contribution to the diversity and vitality of the urban environment. In 2015 the project was presented on the international festival EYES ON in the City Library at the Vienna Town Hall.

With reference to their photographic research in Vienna and with a closer focus on the situation mentioned above they are now developing BUDAPEST WINDOWS 2016/17:

In cooperation with the Dekoratoriskola, Budapest, they are planning two workshops where Schimek and Frey will work together with two small groups of students to realise an artistic work for the project. They are also interested in a theoretical examination with people from the field of urban research, architecture or urban planning and development.

Budapest Windows is intended to start in autumn 2016. The workshops will take place in the academic year 2016/17. Some of the results from this project will be presented as an exhibition at Puccs Contemporary art in Budapest and a similar location in Vienna.


Artist, lives and works in Vienna/A and Aegina/GR. Artistic activities and exhibitions in Austria and abroad. Basic area of the artistic work: photography, installations, conception and organisation of interdisciplinary art-projects. Artistic research and curatorship in visual media and film. Artistic works in sociocultural context. Numerous publications of Artists’ books.


Martin Frey

Based in Vienna/A. Freelancer in the areas of urban research, photography, graphic design and publicist. Numerous documentary and urbanistic photo projects about Vienna. Member of the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA). Studies of journalism and communication science as well as theatre, film and media science at the University of Vienna.