Hadas “BhadasS” Auerbach was born 20 minutes from Jesus, Israel. She is currently living & working in the Westminster Waste Studios located in London.
Hadas’s practice includes painting, printmaking and sewing works.
Her favourite animals are honey badgers, tortoises, and armadillos; her least favourites are dolphins, swans, and slugs. Her favourite people are identical twins, as they are the same person twice. Her research proved that twins have super powers since they can be in two places simultaneously and they can teach each other quickly because they have same genetics but two different bodies so they have double the data base of regular people. Her favourite colour is yellow.
Hadas has shown in Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Singapore, Vienna and London! Her favourite place to have a show was in Singapore, least favourite was in Vienna. She does not like Vienna.
Her work evolves around how charming and stupid people are, she is telling us stories, most of them are stupid charming ones, like the ones from the Bible. These stories are non-narrative & non-linear. The characters exist in an imaginary theatre and there isn’t really actors & actresses. There isn’t even a play, its just a experimental non-story made of fabric .

-Hadas Auerback and Tim Zercie