2017.06.09 19:30-20:30

David Stuart Sutherland was born in Dorset, England and after graduating decided to travel the world with his camera. He managed to photograph all New Seven Wonders of the World ! He lives and works in Budapest.

His studio practice engages; photography, collage, painting and sound. His work has developed by exploring the possibilities of the substrate as a ‘holder of memory’  and also progressed as a maker of camera obscura images. He was a prize winner in the Esztergom Photo Biennale.

Sutherland’s work evolved from the challenges and limits of the flat paper surface to working with found and natural objects, i.e The Lime Tree Leaf Series  (XXS Bolt Gallery Catalogue No. 60.)

The still photographic work inevitably lead to rudimentary film-making technique by animating thousands of still images. This resulted in the experimental film  “The Orange Way. Still and Moving Pictures, 2011 / catalogue Cluj.Est.5 . This was a great catalyst towards making sound, which hence became the ‘monofog’ project.

The material used for Sutherland’s art practise is constantly shifting and expanding. Polarity and ambiguity are evident in working with both the still image and with the production of avant-garde sounds.

Once his entire studio was a gigantic darkroom where silver prints hung to dry. Presently large works on canvas vie for studio space among the instruments collected and found for the ‘monofog’  free improvisation project.

Performing : ” O mannequin O ”

How does a mannequin sound ?

” O Mannequin O ” is a performance and art installation that will transform the Vig Utca Gallery and continue the sound art practise of this multi-media artist’s work. The performance will continue the collaboration by ‘m o n o f o g’  ( David Sutherland + Tamás Ilauszky ) whose main enquiry is in the

production of ‘free improvisation’ and the discovery of new sound possibilities.

Mannequin’s are essentially a fetish, an industrial amulet and we must celebrate the leg of a woman in any way we can !  O Mannequin O …

” … Our instruments are ‘mono’ – the audio junk of a disposable world. We celebrate the broken instrument and found object. The bicycle wheel is bowed – the corrugated insulation pipe is sounded. Carrots are strategically positioned on guitars.”

The 21st Century collage has streched its boundaries and we can now listen to it ( thanks to m o n o f  o g ) . The found object was once marvelled at, but it is now blown, bowed and sounded. Hoorah !

The public urinal should be worshipped for the fountain of sharps and flats than merely revered for its banal appearance – yes R. Mutt !

O mannequin O O O.