Claudio was born in Havana, Cuba, raised in Europe, and lives in Miami. Castillo has been painting and exhibiting watercolors for over forty years. Since 1980 he has been involved with computers, animation and video. In 1983 he founded a computer animation software company and production studio in New York. He moved to Miami in 1992 and works there as an artist, video editor, and animator.

Claudio works in new media. His work is not video, but rather interactive, reactive, or generative. By combining computer code with his images, each instance is a unique piece of imagery that will not repeat for over 50,000 years. For example, the piece captured on Youtube above is an reactive piece which receives a live feed from the US Stock Market. The colour of the iguana will be green if the market is in positive territory and will be red if the market is in negative territory with the colour changing as the market fluctuates over the course of the business day.

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