Traveler, tinkerer, culinary artist – swept here by the winds of fate from faraway Mexico, Claudio Alonso Ortiz Sanchez has called Hungary his home for the past four years, neglecting to return home after what was only meant to be a holiday (he holds on to his return ticket, no long valid, of course). His work is informed by years of observation and a love for the absurd, the burlesque and camp horror, notably the output of twisted minds like John Waters, Tim Burton, Pedro Almodovar, Ziggy Stardust or Andy Warhol. To date, most of his creations have been of an ephemeral nature, invariably destroyed on the spot by their intended audience – either by being devoured (in the case of his lovingly prepared culinary creations) or through wilful, entirely intentional violence (as applied to his take on the venerable Mexican tradition of the piñata). With the ‘Pichones’, he is finally coming out of his shell and into his own, giving permanent shape to the creatures inhabiting his mental landscapes.