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Desiré Dubounet: Transcendental

adj. adjective
Concerned with the a priori or intuitive basis of knowledge as independent of
Asserting a fundamental irrationality or supernatural element in experience.
Surpassing all others; superior.

What can one say about meeting then working for an eccentric American
transvestite fugitive who happens to be a millionaire medical device inventor,
film maker, rock n roll singer and a self proclaimed Angel of God sent to
Earth to usher in a thousand years of peace while living in exile in the
former communist city of Budapest, Hungary? My answer, simply ALOT!
When I thought about the idea of becoming an American expat in Europe I like
many others had often conjured up romanticized visions of F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin and the rest of the jazz aged intellectuals that
had crossed the ocean to share in the great cultural experience that is Europe.
Paris, London, Berlin and Rome were some of the favorite destinations of that
bygone era but I chose to seek out what I call the last frontier which I consider
central/eastern Europe. Since the fall of the Iron curtain in the late 1980’s this
part of Europe has held a special allure for me like some sort of sweet taboo
blast from a cold war past. Not having any particular expectations I set out
blind and open to all new experiences. With language as always a non issue
for me and for all practical geographical purposes I chose the center of Europe;
Budapest, Hungary.
Of course I did find my share of legitimate artisans and writers but far too often it
was just a bunch of American losers , trust fund babies and bitter disenfranchised
white American males that had moved from other European capitals to Budapest
once the beers became too expensive in Prague.
I can remember on my first ride into downtown Budapest from the airport I passed
a place called Alibi. It was all lit up with chase lights and seemed to be some sort
of club. Upon reading about it a few weeks later in a weekly english events listing
magazine I came to realize that it was a gay disco/ cabaret venue owned by some
American expat transvestite named Desiré Delicious Dubounet.
With the two American girls that I moved to Budapest with, we decided to check
out this club one night. Above the entrance was a sign which stated the full name
of the club which was The Bohemian Alibi Planet Desiré. It was a basement club
with a long stairway leading down to two bouncers and a cashier. Upon finding
out how much the cover was about 1200 Hungarian forints which was about $6
at the time we decided not to make a night of it there, little did I know more then
over just a year later I would walk down those same stairs and my life would
change forever.
After having spent a year in Budapest and having made quite a few native and a
few expat friends from all over the world I was quite aware of the reputation of
Desiré Delicious Dubounet but still had thought that there was no need to meet
some blonde drag queen from the states but via one of my Swedish friends I was
introduced to one of Desiré’s son’s teacher from the American school who
suggested again that I should meet Desiré but I was just simply reluctant to
idea and really I had no substantial reasoning for my hesitation.
About six months later and accessing my financial situation I figured it now
couldn’t hurt to check in with any American that was running a nightclub who
might be able to slip me some cash under the table for doing a proper Dee jay gig
as a retro “Disco Night” Dee jay. Having a work history as a Fashion Designer,
and 12 years experience in television and film production I thought doing a turn
as a Dj would not take up too much of my time. So on one faithful Friday
afternoon I placed a call to The Bohemian Alibi.
By sheer coincidence I found out that Desiré was actually expecting a call from
someone else named Bruce and took my call. Not being one for long phone
conversations I was barely able to explain the reason for my call when I was
invited to come down later that evening and meet with Desiré in person.
As I entered the cavernous venue that was decked out with a series of huge wall
photos of this blonde vixenish character in a array of provocative costumes I
started to lighten up and anticipate meeting this person that I assumed was
Desiré Dubounet, it was. As I entered the VIP area where I was introduced to
Desiré ,as she was giving a lecture to a room of medical machine salesmen I gave
her the customary kiss on both cheeks and when begin to chat. She was just
finishing with her lecture and ordered two “Desi Drinks” for us and we sat
down to talk.
Until this point all I knew was that she had this gay club and that they
performed a full drag show every weekend. Shortly through our conversation
found out about my work experience in the TV and film industry in NY and
LA and asked me if I be interested in meeting with her on the following Monday
at her production headquarters with the prospect of working with her film and
TV production company. I was very intrigued and accepted the offer and starting
that following Monday and for the next 3 years I got to experience the world, mind
and ego of one of the most unique and complex person I have ever known.
As an expat it was a true American experience like no other.
So welcome to the consistent mind , world and Rock n Roll Dream of the one
and only…Desiré Delicious Dubounet

Bruce Marshall was born in Washington, DC. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. After graduation, he proceeded to New York to work in fashion at Kate Spade and Barney’s and fashion and programming at Nickelodeon.
In 2006 after a successful run on the American game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Bruce moved to Budapest and jumped into the local art scene. In 2007, he wrote and directed the Desire Dubounet biopic, Who’s Afraid of Desire Dubounet?
For the past few years, Bruce has been focused on music in his capacity as the Music Sommelier in which Bruce has been described as providing a full-bodied, Dionysian, aural orgy for those with an insatiable thirst for music.