Barnabás Bódis


I have known Barnabás for many years and as long as I can remember he has always had a fascination with the Swedish cowboy theme park High Chaparral, and more specifically, its founder: Big Bengt.

Bengt Erlandson commonly known as “Big Bengt” opened the Wild West themed park in 1966 when he was offered 200,000 used telephone poles from the Swedish Telephone Company. From these he created forts and an entire town in the middle of the forest in the sleepy town of Hillerstorp on the west coast of Sweden.

After years of talk, Barnabás finally decided that he would make the pilgrimage to his own personal Walley World in December 2015. Echoing the follies of the family Griswold, Barnabás did not have an easy start. He was not allowed on his first flight and needed to book a second flight. Upon landing in Sweden, he managed to get on the wrong train no fewer than 3 times, at one point finding himself in Denmark.

Of course the park is closed during the winter so absent were the smiling bar wenches and colourful Mexican banditos that normally inhabit the fictitious town during the vibrant summer season. In their place under the cold grey winter skies were several hundred refugees who were using the camp as a halfway house after their long and arduous journey, and Barnabás.

Puccs is pleased to kick off 2016 with a site specific work by Bódis Barnabás based on his recent experience at High Chaparral!

-Bullet Shih


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