2017.05.26 18:00-18:15

‘Kiss’ (“Puszi”)

The object of human desire is to be appreciated, recognized, supported and loved. Without being so, people’s self-esteem may decrease and without self-esteem, one may lose their connection to society. Society, and its smaller unit: family are the most crucial factors and not only for human beings. Among many other gestures, kiss is a way to express our affection, our respect and love towards each other. Kiss is a tool to maintain the bond between us, hence is a tool to keep society together.

Agnes Eva Molnar (b. Budapest, 1980)
Molnar is a Hungarian multimedia artist dealing with the topic of gender roles, private and public spheres. She studied in Budapest (H) and Berlin (D), graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. She gained her doctoral degree in early 2016 at the same institution and has been teaching at the Media Art Institute, Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Art, Kaposvár University (H) since mid 2016. With Janos Szirtes she made numerous performances in the last decade, their collaboration lead her to approach her main genres, photography and video, in a performative way.

Janos Szirtes (b. Budapest, 1954)
Szirtes is a Hungarian fine artist, university professor, head of the Department of Media Design, Media Institute of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (H). The backbone of his works in the past decade consists of performances, especially video performances that are recorded among studio settings without audience, then he shares his videos on his media interfaces and builds an online audience. He has been invited since the 80’s to participate on performance festivals all around world, among many others, in 1987 on 8th Dokumenta International Festival, Kassel (D), in 2004 in Le Lieu Art Center, Quebec (CA), etc. Besides performances, a large body of his works are paintings, as well as installations. He had a large scale solo exhibition in 2014 parallel in three Hungarian galleries, in Várfok Gallery, Várfok Project Room, Budapest (H) and in m21 Gallery, in the Zsolnay Quarter, Pécs (H). Until 10th June a large body of his installative works and video performances are exhibitied in MűvészetMalom (ArtMill) in Szentendre (H).